Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.

Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927)

A Co-creative Spiritual Regeneration & Transformational Healing Practice

Joanne Bracken, Intuitive Channel, Sound Healer & Spiritual Coach

Welcome To Sacred Sounds Of Light
A Little Background

From the dawn of time, sound, whether vocal or instrumental, has been used to heal, uplift, and inspire humankind as well as to create. The ancient mystery schools taught that sound is the primary creative force of our universe and that our world was created from sound.

Today, the field of sound healing is a burgeoning one. Many healing practitioners are embracing the use of sound to assist their clients in healing physical, mental and emotional issues as well as in spiritual transformation. Research by sound pioneers has shown that when sound is combined with intention and focused on matter, changes in the molecular structure of the matter can be observed.

Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor, scientist, and sound healing pioneer (1904 – 1972), demonstrated the impact of sound on matter. He found that when he played audible sound frequencies, inert matter transformed into flowing, life-like forms.

For example, when sand was exposed to specific sound frequencies, it rearranged itself into cohesive patterns. Dr. Jenny opened our eyes to what the ancients always knew—that all life is vibration, and when sound is directed into matter, the matter rearranges itself.

Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water, 2005) attracted huge attention with his experiments in the 1990s, using prayer and intention directed into water. Through his use of high-speed photography with water droplets, he showed how our thoughts, feelings, and words can affect the molecular structure of water.

The "Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce, predicted that the medicine of the future would be music and sound. Well, that future is here right now!

My Training

I have been working in the healing field for more than 30 years, having trained in hypnotherapy, past-life therapy, sound healing, and a variety of hands-on healing techniques. I also am a certified life coach and bring coaching into my healing practice when requested by clients who are looking for more long-term assistance in moving forward with their lives. I have worked with people across the United States and in Mexico and the UK. In addition to private one-on-one sessions, I offer workshops in sound healing and spiritual growth.