About My Healing & Coaching Practice

What happens when we direct sound with intention to our own bodies? We are more than 70 percent water, after all, so it follows that we can then rearrange our own cells and molecules--with sound and intention--for better health, happiness, creativity, and spiritual expansiveness.

One of the most powerful instruments for healing and transformation is the human voice. Singing and chanting profoundly affect our well-being due to their therapeutic and calming influence, and they have the power to lift us into higher states of consciousness and connect us to the Divine.

I am a conscious channel of healing through sound vibration technology. I use my voice to channel higher dimensional frequencies to assist my clients in shifting their reality. The frequencies come through my voice, whether speaking or "vocal toning" — a way of using the voice to emit specific sounds for healing, balance, relaxation, stress reduction, etc.

My healing sessions are a combination of channeled high-level spiritual guidance from the Ascended Master and angelic realms, vocal toning, singing, and energy transmissions. I call the sounds "sacred" because I open myself for the specific light frequencies to be channeled through me from Spirit for the client's highest benefit.

If someone isn't comfortable with toning or just doesn't know what it's about, I will simply channel for them, bringing in guidance to their questions for personal and spiritual growth. Or maybe the person just wants energetic balancing. I use a healing technique that works directly on the chakras and centers of the body to bring relaxation, peace, and balance. It really all depends on where people are and what they want AND what Spirit shows me to do. We may be dealing with this life or prior lifetime experiences; it doesn't matter when it started, really, because all time is NOW anyway, and we respond to whatever presents itself right now.

The client and I are completely enfolded in a field of Love energy which is palpable and is the real source of the healing. The Masters who are present for the session show total love, acceptance, nonjudgment, and compassion for the person. They wrap us in a sacred cocoon of Light, allowing the client to open and release at deep levels and to feel that they are completely loved and supported by Spirit.

In my sessions, when sound, light, and intention are directed to the client, change is a given. The client usually feels a new sense of hope, calm, expansiveness, and purpose. Of course, it doesn't end here; the client will generally be given some support and follow-up work to assist them in deepening the result and moving forward.

I look forward to the honor of working with you. Sessions can be held in person, via phone or Skype.