Joanne has been my trusted counselor, coach, and healer for over 20 years. She is a gifted intuitive, channeling wisdom that always hits the mark. She can hone in on an issue, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual, and provides healing with energy and sound. I always feel relieved, inspired, and uplifted after our sessions.

Judith Goldberg

Soul Journey Astrology, Baltimore, MD

I have worked with Joanne Bracken for over 30 years, first as a channel and past-life therapist, then as a spiritual teacher and workshop facilitator. Joanne's talents as a sound healer are amazing. I have experienced profound energy shifts while attending her toning workshops, and her latest gift of bringing the Divine Feminine to life through sacred sound expands and intensifies her unique toning abilities, which I can only describe as hauntingly beautiful and other-worldly. I have recommended Joanne to friends and family for years, and do so now with even more enthusiasm and faith in her talents !

Josie Athman

Westminster, MD

My sessions with Joanne illuminated deep-seated patterns within me in ways that no other work has. She knew things about me that she couldn't have known, unless she had access to another realm. And, in spite of the depth and even pain of these patterns, I always have felt entirely safe and supported by her.

Sara Avery

Quanta Change Guide, Lafayette, CO

I have experienced Joanne's astounding work in different settings: personal sessions, group facilitations, and presentations. In each, I found her to be impeccable, I would almost say brilliant, except Joanne is not working alone. Her talent has help! She is able to channel clear thoughts along with pure tones from a heavenly host, whose intentions for our healing, on our path to wholeness, is felt through the highest vibration of sound and love.

Marianne Green

Sound Healer, LaConner, WA